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Here’s everything you need to know about us

Being in manufacturing since the last two decades, we were often faced with immense shortage of blue collar employees. The only way we hire employees in this category is by word of mouth as this category is quite fragmented; making it quite challenging to connect with. Even though India has a 350 million strong workforce, we were not able to find the right people or hire them. On this account, our businesses suffered avoidable losses. One day, an army Brigadier who knew our situation, asked us why do businesses not hire ex-servicemen? He showed me a list of talented people that had worked for the army; I was awestruck as these were the very people we were looking for all along but did not know where to look for them or how to hire them. This incident piqued my interest and left me wondering how I could connect employees, especially the blue category, with employers. The answer to this problem was technology. Thereafter, in December of 2015, we (Amit Jain and Anuj Jain) started working on the Bid 2 Employ project.

Advantages for Institutions:
Bid 2 Employ brings great benefits for institutions like:
Industrial Training Institutes, Skill developments centres, Vocational colleges, Armed Forces, etc.

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  • Can upload list of employees in bulk that they want industry to hire.
  • Can Apply for to create an administrative user profile
  • Can look at which employer has contacted which of their employee so that they can follow up with both.
  • Can keep the database updated at all times.
  • Is Free of Cost.

Take a look at the screenshots for a better glimpse

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